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About Publytics

Everything you need to know about us

What is Publytics?

Publytics is more than just another analytics tool; it's your partner in understanding and optimizing your web presence. We do not want to oversimplify, or overcomplicated the matter. Our mission is clear: to provide intuitive, customizable web analytics that empower our users to unlock the full potential of their data and enhance their online strategies. Our product is suited for both expert and non-expert users: you will learn of to use it in a matter of minutes, and perform the simple or complex queries you need in a matter of clicks. Publytics lets you take informed short-term and long-term decision with accurate real-time and daily aggregated data.

Our business model has nothing to do with collecting and analyzing huge amounts of personal information from web users and using these behavioral insights to sell advertisements.

Once you start using Publytics, you are the only owner of your website data. This data is never being sold to any third-parties.

Where does the idea Publytics come from?

The idea of Publytics was born when Google Analytics 3 announced the official shutdown of their platform on July 2023. Being ourselves experienced publishers with more than 20 years of experience, after testing and studying GA4 and other alternatives, we noticed that these tools were making us lose a lot of time to obtain not exactly the insights we wanted. We started thinking about making our own platform to monitor our sites, leveraging the know-how we acquired throughout the years.

Since then, we started working on a platform which could mimic and improve the interface and monitoring concepts of Google Analytics 3 for our own sites, bringing it to next level in terms of ease of use and functionalities. Publytics was developed to make every publisher job easier and smarter. We soon discovered, from some surveys, that other publishers were searching exactly for this: there was the possibility to commercialize our platform to allow every publisher to use it.

Is Publytics privacy-friendly?

Publytics is completely privacy-friendly since we do not save any specific information about the user who is visiting your site except the necessary ones to give you a complete and detailed overview about the analytics of your site.

  • • We try to gather as little data as possible, and the data we do collect is anonymized, kept completely secure, encrypted, and maintained on a server in the European Union to ensure that it complies with the region's strict data privacy rules.
  • • We do not monitor or gather any personal data or anything that can be used to identify you. When comparing Publytics to server logs, Publytics does not allow you to access any personal information, whereas server logs allow you to view all the IP addresses of your visitors and information about when they visited your website.
  • • We do not track individual people. All the data is in aggregate only.
  • • We don't follow users across all of their devices. The data is restricted to only one device. It is impossible to determine if a single user accesses a website from multiple devices.
  • • We don't follow users across all the websites and apps they use. The information is restricted to just one website. It is impossible to determine which other websites someone visits.
  • • To advertising companies or any other third parties in general, we do not send or share the data. The information is not mined, harvested, or commercialized for analysis of personal and behavioral trends. The data from a website is fully owned and under their entire control.

Do not hesitate to Contact us for any question.