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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) asked by our users. We hope they can be useful. If you have different problems do not esitate to Contact us.

Can I import my Google Analytics (GA3 / Universal Analytics / GA4) data?

You can easily import your Google Analytics collected data, so that you will have the possibility to have the historical data. Just contact us to import the data after following our guide in the 'Import data' section, once you are registered.

Does Publytics do data sampling?

Analytics tools including Google Analytics do data sampling for most of their reports. It means that to make fastest request to databases these tools pick only a subset of the entire dataset and estimate many values in their reports. Unlike them, Publytics does not do any data sampling by default. The stats in your dashboard show only accurate data of what happens on your site. This assures you real and accurate reports.

Does Publytics exclude spam traffic and bots?

Publytics is a client-side analytics, and this means that we count only visitors that run JavaScript. It automatically excludes bots, crawlers and other known non-human activity by default.

Do numbers add up in the dashboard?

It is a common question among our users. Sometimes you will notice that numbers in the dashboard are not adding up. For example you can see a total number of unique users which is different from the sum of all the visitors in the tables. It all depends from the fact that on the Audience / Dashboard section we show the amount of unique sessions and users among all the pages, while on the Content report we count those considering each single dimension (e.g. page URL) used to group the results.

How can I pay for the subscription?

It is possible to pay with credit and debit card since the billing gateway is Stripe. We allow check payments for Custom Pricing. We do not allow Paypal payments. Payments recur every month or year, depending on what plan you choose. Notice that our staff will inform you if you exceed the number of pageviews allowed in your subscription to ensure that you will purchase a new subscription for a higher number of pageviews.

What happens if I exceed the number of pageviews provided by my subscription?

In this case you will receive an alert about this problem both via e-mail and on the dashboard. You will be requested to upgrade your subscription to a new one with a higher pageviews limit. In this case, you will be able too keep using Publytics for 3 days, but after this period you will not be able to see anything. In any case, do not worry about your data: Publytics will keep collecting them for a sufficient period of time in order to allow you to restore your subscription and avoid losing any historical data.

What happens if I cancel the subscription or I do not pay for it?

If you cancel the subscription, you will not be charged after the end of your billing cycle, but the access to the dashboard will be prevented in at most 3 days. We will still collect data from your website for a certain amount of time, so that you can restore the subscription and avoid losing any historical data.

How can I upgrade my subscription?

You can upgrade your subscription from monthly to annually recurring payments, or change the pageviews limit by upgrading to a higher plan, through the Upgrade Plans section of the Dashboard.

What are the metrics and their definitions?

Publytics provides a lot of metrics to analyze your website. Here is a list of the most important ones and their definitions:

  • Pageviews: the number of times a certain page was visited, even counting repeated visits by the same users in the same sessions.
  • Unique Pageviews: the number of users that visited at least one time a certain page. This means that users that refresh repeatedly one page are counted only once.
  • Sessions: the number of sessions on which a user has visited a certain page.
  • Total Pageviews: the total of all pageviews among all the visited pages in a certain timespan.
  • Total Users: the number of unique users that visited your website in a certain timespan.
  • Total Sessions: the number of sessions among all the pages of the website.
  • Bounce Rate: the number of times a user visited only one page of your website and then left it. It is calculated as the number of single-page sessions divided by the total number of sessions.
  • Average Session Duration: the average duration of a session on your website.
  • Average Time on Page: the average time spent by a user on a certain page. This is counted by dividing the sum of the duration of all the visits on a single page by the number of (pageviews - exits).
  • Exits: the number of times a user left your website from a certain page.
  • Entrances: the number of times a user entered your website from a certain page.

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