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Data Policy

Read here about the data collection process.

Since we are cookieless Publytics does not collect any personal data or personal identifiable informations, respecting the privacy of all our users.

Collected Data

We never track individuals across devices or across websites and apps that they visit. All data is restricted to a single day, a single website, and a single device. There is no way to tell if the same individual visits a website from many devices or visits another website.

Our purpose is to track overall trends in your website traffic, not individual users. We do not utilize cookies, do not generate permanent identifiers, and do not collect or store any personally identifiable information. The data is all aggregated and contains no personal information. We only measure the most important data points and nothing else.

All the metrics we collect are:

  • • Page URL
  • • HTTP Referer
  • • Browser
  • • Operating system
  • • Device type
  • • Country

Hosted in Netherlands, Germany and Finland

All of the data that we track and gather is totally secured, encrypted, and hosted on servers  in Netherlands, Germany and Finland. EuroVPS, a European corporation, owns the server. This ensures that all website data is protected by the European Union's stringent data privacy rules.

We use https for encryption and we do regular backups in servers always located in EU.

Except for the hosting provider, which owns the servers on which the data is housed, no third-party suppliers are involved. Read more in our privacy policy.

How do we count unique users without cookies

For more information about how we count unique users visit DPA.

GDPR, CCPA and PECR compliant web analytics

Publytics eliminates the need for GDPR, CCPA, or PECR prompts, as well as a lengthy privacy policy regarding your usage of analytics and cookies. After all, you are not monitoring any personal data with Publytics. Your visitors will be able to enjoy your site without being bothered by annoyances and distractions.

Data Ownership

You retain complete ownership of your website data by using Publytics. Although your site analytics are saved on our cloud server when you use our hosted service, you have complete control over your site data and fully own all of your data.

All rights, title, and interest in the data on your website are yours. You offer us no rights to the information on your website. We will never sell or share your site data with a third party.

You can choose to delete your account and delete your site stats at any time.