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GA4 Traffic Drop 2024 - Consent Mode v2 Effects?

Mar 19, 2024 | Author: Info Publytics

GA4 Traffic Drop 2024 - Consent Mode v2 Effects?

What is Google's Consent Mode v2 and how it will affect your website traffic?

Consent Mode v2 is an updated framework by Google designed to adjust the behavior of its services based on the consent status of users. It helps websites align with evolving privacy norms and regulations by respecting user choices regarding cookies and data collection.

This updated version of Google Consent Mode, which responds to tighter EU privacy laws, requires explicit consent for the collection and use of personal data from European citizens. It introduces more granular controls for users to provide consent for specific purposes like advertising and analytics.

Here's what you will experience if you don't implement it:

GA 360: If you use GA 360 you will see a drop in traffic that can't be recovered.

GA4: If you use GA4 and your traffic is below the minimum threshold for modeling, you wil see a drop in traffic that can't be recovered. If your traffic meets the minimum threshold you'll still see a drop in traffic, but it may recover after about two weeks.

If it's not implemented correctly, it could significantly impact your analytics in several ways:

  1. 1. Data Loss: Incorrect implementation may lead to a loss of tracking data, as user consents might not be registered or processed properly. This can result in an incomplete dataset for your analytics, skewing your understanding of user behavior and site performance.
  2. 2. Compliance Issues: Failing to implement it correctly could also mean that you’re not fully compliant with privacy regulations, which could have legal ramifications and affect user trust.
  3. 3. Campaign Performance: With the introduction of Consent Mode v2, there’s an expectation of less accurate data available for evaluating campaign effectiveness. If not implemented well, this could lead to less effective digital marketing choices due to the lack of precise data.
  4. 4. Probabilistic Modeling: Google’s advanced mode in Consent Mode v2 allows for probabilistic assessments of user behavior and conversion, even without consent. A faulty setup might not leverage this feature, leading to less accurate campaign performance analyses.

To avoid these issues, it’s crucial to ensure that the implementation of Consent Mode v2 on your digital properties is done correctly and in line with Google’s guidelines. It’s also advisable to monitor your analytics closely after implementation to quickly identify and rectify any potential issues.

If you need a simple guide on setting up GA4 for the Consent Mode v2 click here.

Posted: 4 months ago
Author: Info Publytics

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