How to Track Traffic from Meta's Threads

Understanding Threads and Uncovering the Path of Thread's Traffic

What is Threads and how it differs from other social platforms

Threads is a new social media platform created by Meta, formerly known as Facebook. It aims to challenge Twitter’s dominance in the microblogging space by offering users more features and control over their content. Threads was launched in July 2024 and quickly attracted a large and diverse user base, reaching over 100 million sign-ups in just a few weeks. One of the advantages of Threads is that it allows users to share links to various websites and online resources, and track how their followers interact with them. This is where Publytics comes in handy. Publytics is a web analytics tool that helps publishers and marketers measure and optimize their online performance. Publytics can be integrated with Threads and other social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, to collect and analyze data from links shared on these platforms.


Update: Meta has introduced a separate link URL for Threads, distinct from the main Instagram platform

Instagram has established a unique web address ( exclusively for Threads. This is beneficial as brands increasingly prioritize Meta's new platform.
Despite appearing minor, this change holds significance and suggests the potential for Threads to introduce a comprehensive API in the future.
You are now able to verify if a user is coming from Threads in Publytics's Acquisition tab.


How to track website traffic from Threads more efficiently in Publytics

To track referral traffic more efficiently, you'll need to utilize UTMs in Publytics or any other analytics software.
If you need a tool that helps you build UTMs, take a look at Publytics UTM Builder.
Creating and implementing UTMs is a straightforward process, making it easy to collect and filter data in Publytics.

For instance, here’s 3 examples of UTM structures for tracking links shared on Threads:


  • Event Promotion on Threads:
    • Campaign: event_promo
    • Medium: social
    • Source: meta_threads
    • Content: [unique identifier for each promotional post]


  • Product Launch on Threads:
    • Campaign: product_launch
    • Medium: social
    • Source: meta_threads
    • Content: [unique identifier for each post related to the product launch]


    • Educational Content on Threads:
    • Campaign: education
    • Medium: social
    • Source: meta_threads
    • Content: [unique identifier for each educational post]

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Posted: 3 weeks ago
Author: Info Publytics